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How USA Benefits You 

Poker Run Annual Event
USLED Educational Event
Online "Snow Scoop" Newsletter
Sponsorship of Local Clubs
Access to Pro Snowmobilers
Discounts to Local Dealerships
Equipment Reviews & Demos
Annual Boondockers Event
Ongoing Snowmobile Education

How USA Benefits Your Community

Sponsorship of Annual Snow Show
Protecting Land Access Rights
Grooming/Marking/Expanding Trails
Lobbying Utah & National Lawmakers
Providing Conditions Reports
Providing Avalanche Safety Certification
Consulting Manufacturers
Scholarships & Awards
Working Closely With DNR

Joining the Utah Snowmobiling Association benefits you and the entire Utah snowmobiling community. Your membership provides...

Note: Annual USA membership is included in your local club dues.

Support snowmobiling in Utah. Join the USA today!



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